I’m officially retiring this blog.

Sorry guys, but I just can’t be on this blog anymore. Nothing’s happened with it and I just don’t have the muse. I’ve grown apart from everyone, and It’s kind of made me better. Less drama, less heartbreak, less waiting for a miracle…

So I’ll miss you all. This will be the last you hear from me on this account. I’ll check time to time for messages, but that’s it.

I love you.

- Megan

two cool actors together.

tagged → #nsfw #benjamin wants
tagged → #nsfw #benjamin wants

I’m gonna be here the rest of the day. Love me?

purplestole said: 

i just fucking choked on air

your exorcist is going to be choking on more than that.

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purplestole said:

 //fuckity hi

fuckity hi 

benjamin is going to fuck the shit out of your exorsist

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Roleplay anyone?
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